Mount Arafat receives pilgrims .. and the Kaaba decorated with his new skin color

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – With the screams of Monday, Muslim pilgrims travel to Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia to do most of the pilgrimage.

"The efforts of the various parties involved in the Hajj are working this year amid a system of safety, health and regulatory services to contribute to the smooth flow of masses of pilgrims and the security of their lives. stability."

At the dawn of the day of standing on Mount Arafat, the cover of the Ka & # 39; aba is replaced by a new suit to receive Muslim pilgrims.

The Saudi press agency followed the transfer of masses of pilgrims from Mina to Arafat, where traffic was marked by the flow of pilgrims during the escalation of the pilgrims, noting that the masses of pilgrims with the sunset to Muzdalifah are gone and performed the prayers of Morocco and dinner and stood until dawn on Tuesday, Islamic.

According to the Saudi press agency, the Saudi Ministry of Health has established four hospitals spread over 600 beds, including the Jabal Al-Rahma hospital, the Arafat General Hospital, the Namera Hospital and the East Arafat Hospital, as well as 46 fully equipped health centers that are managed by different medical teams.

She added that hospitals include various medical specialties, such as general surgery, brain surgery, neurology, urinary tract, as well as the gastroenterology department, breast diseases and high blood pressure.

Because the Jebel Al Rahma hospital is located near Jabal Al Rahma, high density is expected. 140 beds were allocated for immediate service.

"The General Civil Protection Directorate has secured the latest mechanisms and equipment to track and follow the movement of pilgrims at Jabal Al-Rahma and Namera Mosque through towers equipped with Arafat's problem in all its corners, in addition to the deployment of a group of specialized teams in the field of monitoring, surveillance, rescue, ambulance and evacuation, stationed at these locations. "

"The Civil Defense Forces are ready to tackle the military pressures at Arafat's highest point by studying, analyzing and identifying the various potential risks and finding the best way to deal with them."

The Saudi Office also spoke about news coverage in the media, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Information in the Kingdom to implement its plan for the transfer of pilgrimages for this year, and mechanisms for the functions of the local media and the Arab and global audio and images and reporting of Hajj's work facilitate, "explaining that the ministry" 270 media from around the world, belonging to more than 120 media outlets, to cover this global event , to suit his status and the grandeur of time and place.

She said that "in the awareness and guidance of the guests of the Rahman varied programs were prepared by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and advocacy and guidance in the Hajj, where it works to the guests of the Rahman by modern media and social media to provide all the information they need in the right scientific and legitimate information, the fastest and easiest way, To perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

"The media awareness program in the Hajj and Umrah season in the ministry carries out a wide range of programs and media activities, such as television and radio programs and other various materials on the Internet. (8002488888) all day in eight languages: Arabic, English, Turkish, Indonesian, Hausa, Swahili, Urdu, Bengali, awareness efforts are also supported by the general presidency of the Commission It is for the Promotion of Virtue and Vice Prevention by the focus throughout the Hairy offer service pilgrims in 15 language centers. "

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