News from the UAE / Amal al-Qubaisi is in talks with Senegal's parliamentary president

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The Federal National Council (FNC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Assembly of the Senegalese Parliament to improve consultation, coordination and exchange of views on various issues of mutual interest and to improve communication between the two countries and visits and parliamentary activities between the two countries. The two sides held bilateral parliamentary meetings for parliamentary coordination while participating in regional and international parliamentary events.

This came during a session of conversations between HE Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, President of the Federal National Council, today with HE Mustafa Anyas, President of the "Parliament" of the Senegalese National Assembly, who visits the UAE at the head of a delegation.

The two sides stressed the importance of developing parliamentary relations in accordance with the strong and growing relations between the UAE and the Republic of Senegal in the light of the sharpness of the leaders and governments of the two countries on the importance of entering into this relations and to help them in different areas.

Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi stressed the importance of this memorandum in developing the various cooperative relations between the UAE and the Republic of Senegal, especially at parliamentary level, and supporting the directions of both countries and their efforts to develop existing relationships.

Noting that these close relations between the Federal National Council and the Senegal Parliament will enter into bilateral relations between the various national parliaments on the African continent.

She pointed out that this close relationship between the two parliaments will support the indications of the two sides on different issues, dossiers and indications, including support for the Federal National Council's request for observer status in the African Parliament, which is a priority. and has 250 members representing the 50 Member States of the African Union.

The meeting was attended by Mohammed bin Kordous Al Ameri, Jassim Abdullah Al Naqbi, Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Aisha Rashid Latim, members of the Federal National Council, HE Ahmed Shabib Al Dhaheri, Secretary-General of the Council and the associated delegation of the Senegalese National Assembly.

For its part, the President of the Senegalese National Assembly expressed his happiness with the visit of the UAE and expressed his admiration for the development that the UAE has experienced in various areas.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two parties, which was considered the appropriate framework for the development of relations, and commended the support of the federal National Council to the Senegal Parliament during the meetings of the Union of Parliaments of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

He invited Dr. Al Qubaisi to visit the Senegal National Assembly at the head of the Council delegation to discuss further issues of common interest.

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