News from Yemen, the king of generosity and gentleness in Yemen thanks to Al – Harazi from local to global … (Video)

King of Bora and Altaas in Yemen, Al – Harazi from local to global .. (Video)

The young man Malatif Harazzi surprised the most famous months in Yemen, Yemenis by receiving an invitation to the worldwide village in Dubai, in a special meeting, the most famous Malatif Hamidi known as Mlat Harazi, is considered the most beautiful beats in Yemen, and is called "crazy excellent". Al-Bukhaiti wrote a commentary on his page about Malatif Al-Humaidi: "Oh, to the splendor of this young man and the spirit of creativity that is expressed in him, make the accuracy of art an isolated art, like this one. young man and other Yemeni creators find their help and take their talents, spread the world and our culture on the ground Watch video:

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