Noon .. A unique online shopping and shopping experience with great features

Noon .. A unique online shopping and shopping experience with great features
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Many online shopping enthusiasts know the famous "No" site, which offers great products with the best quality, lowest prices and features that distinguish it from other stores that offer the possibility to buy over the internet. The NON site includes many different electronic devices and various electrical devices You need them at home, alongside many types of mobile phones, beautiful perfumes and many other products that offer the possibility to purchase them via the internet, along with many other functions that we will learn about this subject.

N Site functions

  • The NON site, or as some call the store NON, connects the products at full speed with the house, which distinguishes it from the other stores in this area. The site sets a certain time limit for delivering orders to the door of the house. This can be identified and can reach the products within a maximum period of 24 hours.
  • NON strives to deliver the product to the customer with the best quality. The product is packaged in a sealed box and placed on a sticker to ensure that it is not opened before it is delivered to the customer and also encapsulates the required product. with a different cover than the original cover. The product is delivered to the customer from the store.
  • NON is also interested in customer satisfaction because it emphasizes the good look of the person responsible for delivering the required product to the customer, a good treatment with him, and the face and a good treatment during the delivery from the product to the customer.
  • Nun also cares about the customer's opinion about the product he has purchased, sees the site, always prepares for change and stays with the customer, to return and buy from the same site again.
  • The NON site differs from the rest of the sites or stores that the prices are very different, and there is a price difference between it and many stores that work in this area.
  • The customer does not charge large shipping costs when buying products from the NON site, where it is the site to deliver the product to the customer at full speed and at the lowest cost.
  • NON places free delivery with the purchase of more than 200 riyals in Saudi Arabia and 100 dirhams in the UAE.

How to calculate an N site

  1. Log in to the N-site of here
  2. Click Log in or Log in
  3. press "Apply now"
  4. Required data "E , Password, , Family name "

  5. press "Create an account"
  6. Now you have an account on the N-site where you can shop and buy

Purchasing experience from the N-site

One of the customers bought on the site of NON and here is the shape of the product where it arrived. As we see in these photos, the store respects the mentality and customer satisfaction, whereby the receipt has arrived in an envelope "Thank you for shopping with us, let us spread love." The product arrived before the deadline Specified in a sealed box as we have told you before.

How to buy products from N shop

You can make purchases in the NON store after registration on the site and by following these steps:

  • Log in to the N-site of here
  • Type in the search box from the beginning what you want to buy
  • Add what you want to buy in the shopping basket
  • Enter your details
  • Choose the payment method for the site, or payment on receipt or payment via Master Card "Visa"
  • Complete the purchase, enter your details correctly and address in detail so that the product can be delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Discount vouchers on purchases

Perhaps the best advantage of the NON platform is the abundance of coupons and discount codes that give the consumer extra discounts on all products, and the discount percentages offered by coupon N from 10% to 30% and remember that you can get N discount code From here

How do you keep track of purchases?

After you have purchased the product from the N-site, you can follow the shipment and check when the products arrive to you, by the code of your purchase, or by the shipping companies that transport the products to you. Examples of these companies are Aramex, from many shipping companies.

The site also offers a new feature to buyers of this NON store, where they send a message on the mobile phone, or e-mail before the arrival of the shipment within a few minutes until the customer indicates the time of arrival of the product and also to confirm the presence of the customer.

Product recovery methods

The N-function site will return the product if a defect occurs within 15 days of receipt of the product. You can return the product to the store by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the N-site of here
  2. click on "My account"
  3. Click on the word "return"Then he chose New returns
  4. Then select She wants it back

  5. Choose your reason for returning the product
  6. Choose where you want to collect your store

The site offers a hotline service to communicate with him and here are the numbers:

  • United Arab Emirates: – 80038888
  • Saudi Arabia: – 8001160210

If you can not communicate with them via these numbers, you can contact them by sending your problem via e-mail and they will contact you

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