Nutritionists warn of excessive consumption of "off-meat"

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Nutritionists have warned about overeating of sacrificial meat, which is most prominent on the table during Eid, and despite the health benefits of meat, over-eating is counterproductive.
During their conversation with the Golf nutritionists gave a number of tips, especially the importance of eating enough amounts of water daily, especially with meat.

A lot of fat

Those with high cholesterol and high blood pressure patients should not eat meat or internal organs of the carcass. "They should not eat too much mutton, because they contain a high percentage of fat, which can affect their health, and they should not eat large amounts of internal organs of the carcass, because they contain a high proportion of cholesterol and purine. can influence kidney function and my advice that the salad bowl is essential at the table, and it is wrong to eat raw meat, it can cause food poisoning ».

Benefits of meat

"Eating meat at Eid is one of the most popular habits in many Arab and Gulf societies," said Inez Osman, a nutritionist at the Academic Hospital in Sharjah. "Although there is a lot of caution in excessive meat consumption during Eid, moderation is necessary." .
She explained that there are many benefits to eating meat, including red meat, that supplies the body with the most important amino acids, which are not available, and is one of the most important sources of various types of metals, such as iron, zinc , phosphorus, calcium and potassium, and helps proteins purify blood components, and improve memory capacity.

Eat vegetables

Serene Taqi al-Din, a clinical nutritionist at Zulikha Hospital in Sharjah, pointed out that sheep meat is unhealthy because of the high content of saturated fatty acids and low fat content in mutton, which increases the risk of frequent exposure to meat,. Excessive meat consumption increases the incidence of gout, kidney stones and allergies.
Vegetables, garlic and lemon, to increase the share of antioxidants and fiber, and eat rice and brown bread, to give a feeling of satiety, and prevent the occurrence of constipation and dyspepsia, and to eat Drinks without adding sugar such as green tea, mint, cinnamon, ginger, which helps with digestion, avoid soft drinks that contain a lot of calories.

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