Oogbuil despite enough sleep .. Are carbohydrates and salt a relationship?

Emirates News Emirates News Today: the swelling of the eye despite sufficient sleep. Are carbohydrates and salt a relationship? Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper – News from the UAE today with the details of the news Eye bulge despite sufficient sleep .. Is carbohydrate and salt a relationship? :

News from the United Arab Emirates Today, the association «Good sight» German, that the swelling of the eyes may be due to excessive intake of carbohydrates, which increase the amount of sodium in the body, leading to the retention of moisture in the body and therefore seem like trazages.

The swelling of the eye may also be due to excessive salt intake or deterioration of renal function.

In response to this, the "Good Vision" recommends drinking plenty of water. You can also control bulging by placing the cucumber slices on the eyelids for 10 minutes and repeating this procedure several times a day.

The potato has the same effect, for this purpose the potatoes are fertilized and placed in a cotton cloth, and the towel is placed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, repeated several times during the day.

In the long term, eye swelling can be treated with green tea or caffeine-containing preparations.

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