Russia trains Emirati leaders to carry out space missions

Russia prepares Emirati leaders for space missions Naseem News, quotes Al Watan, Russia prepares UAE pilots to carry out space missions Russia prepares UAE pilots for space missions. satellite.

The Russian space agency Roskosmos today announced that it is in talks with the United Arab Emirates about the possibility of sending a UAE astronaut to the International Space Station for a month.

Roskosmos said in a statement to the Russian news agency Sputnik that the flight with the participation of the UAE astronaut is scheduled for April 2019. The launch will be carried out aboard the Soyuz-12 manned spacecraft. Discussion of the organization of a long mission to the UAE's international space station for a month.

Two of the four candidates, one of the most important crew members and one of the reserve crews, are being selected this month in preparation for the planned trip for April.

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