«Sharjah Consultant» performance march for members who have won the trust of citizens

Follow-up: Jihan Shu & # 39; aib

After a short period of time, the advisory council of the emirate Sharjah will be started after a period of parliamentary recess, preceded by a distinguished work of members and members who were sincere and faithful. Their research and study of the topics discussed and discussed with government officials and institutions in the emirate was expanded, although they have achieved important, useful and effective recommendations, most of which have been implemented, and the rest are moving towards implementation in accordance with the plans and budgets of the parties that have been issued.
Currently, everyone is preparing for the second ordinary session of the Ninth Legal Term, which is the conclusion of a four-year term for members and current members after the first election initiative, with half of the members being elected and the second half being appointed by HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Sheikh Mohammed bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the Council in a remarkable parliamentary precedent, received much praise and respect from the community, Khawla Al Mulla, who was once a prominent member of the Council. used to be. They differed.
In accordance with the digitized implementation of the Council during the last session alone, it held 19 meetings, discussed 15 laws, as well as 5 general topics. The number of applicants was 71 members and 34 members. The members discussed 105 general topics. The Council held 52 meetings, the Board of Directors held 52 meetings, the visits of the different authorities in the emirate to 23, the meeting of the Bureau with four meetings, the preparatory committee Recommendations 5 meetings, in addition to the organization of the Council 14 effectiveness, while reaching Proposals from members 15 proposals, and the public 9 proposals.
In more detail and in the legislative powers of the Council, and in a parliamentary precedent of the first type, the Council discussed – as mentioned earlier – a bill drafted by the executing council of emirate Sharjah, "a bill for the year 2017 on tenders. , tenders, auctions and warehouses of the Government of Sharjah, For the year 2017 on the regulation of the authority for environment and nature reserves in the emirate, a bill for the year 2017 about the organization of the Sharjah social security fund and a bill for the year 2017 about the organization of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Agriculture and Livestock in the Emirate and a bill for 2018 for the general budget of the chambers And a bill for the year 2018 about the organization of the Foundation of the Holy Quran and Sunnah in the emirate, a bill for the year 2018 on the regulation of the Sharjah Sports Council and a bill for r the year 2018 on the amendment of Act No. (2) for the year 2004 on the municipalities in the emirate, A bill for the year 2018 on social security in the emirate, a draft law for the year 2018 on the organization of the department of public works in the emirate, a bill for the year 2018 concerning the waqf in the emirate, a bill for 2018 on the ordinance ordinance in the emirate and a bill for the year 2018 Sharjah Trade and Industry, Bill for the year 2018 about the organization of the Sharjah Heritage Institute, and an account for the year 2018 on the organization of brokerage in the emirate », to have studied and examined by the Council of the draft laws after taking the views of its members and with the amendments and suggestions passed around.
Today, in the context of the wish of the members to bid farewell to the parliamentary seats during the remaining role, and their opinion in the previous execution, and their demands from the new members who came later, they said the following:


Ahmed Al-Jarwan Secretary-General of the Advisory Council: The Truth The Council held the largest number of meetings since its inception at the last session of the current term, as well as the number of draft laws discussed, which includes 15 draft laws, in addition to taking about 99 % of the observations Members of the Board of Directors of the Supreme Court and the Ruler of Sharjah issued by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.
The truth lies in the secret of the success of the Council in the collective action. We wish the new members one opinion after the end of the second session of the current term and complement each other. The most important thing is the success of the Council of Ministers. inward with the harmony of the members and their integration together. The march, and maintain the stability and excellence of the Council.

Road lighting

Khalid Al-Ghaili: We thank God the Almighty for the four years that we have been honored by the trust of His Highness the ruler of Sharjah and the citizens of the Principality. To the government institutions closely, and to its role in providing the best services to the members of the community, under the constant succession of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, where he pays much attention to the rest of the people of Sharjah, rewards God for the best reward.
We hope that God will give us success in the last round, so that we have first brought the message to everyone's satisfaction and secondly to the satisfaction of the citizens and residents of the emirate. We also want to help pave the way for all institutions who work in the emirate to provide the best services they have. From members in the future to complete the march, and take advantage of the parliamentary diploma at the University of Sharjah, in collaboration with the Council, to learn the basics of parliamentary work, and to prepare everyone who has a desire to practice.

Common interest

Paragraph d. Shaheen Al-Mazmi: The Board consists of 44 members of the opinion, competence and expertise in each area. The Council has an advisory role and complements the role of the Executive Board in carrying out the duties. He represents His Highness the ruler of Sharjah in relieving the burden of governance in the emirate. It is representative of all citizens, and its role is significant in communicating their voice to officials and decision-makers, and its functions are familiar with the laws and their projects. Any law issued in the Principality is referred to the Review Council and the right to change or reject it, As far as the service is concerned, the Council has a role to play Services, services and service departments active in the emirate, where it has the authority to control services, and to determine whether these correspond to the ambitions and needs of citizens and society, or who need development, then show his opinion, and elaborate his recommendations to develop at the best level, What citizens ask for.
With regard to complaints and suggestions, citizens who submit to a party are considered by the Council and accept the good proposals while they are studying complaints with the complainant in their right to come to a solution that satisfies the parties. The Council always looks at the public interest and the interests of citizens without being interested in anyone. Society and citizens.
The truth is that all members of previous sessions have worked hard and have done their best, and we thank Khawla Al Mulla, the President of the Council, for the patience of her breast, and we see her excellent in the management of the sessions, dealing with ideas, people and all opinions expressed during the sessions. The Council made many recommendations and discussed the largest number of draft laws. As far as the new members are concerned, we wish them all the best, and they must complete our march as we did. The next person completes the role of the first, We recommend that they perform this national task in an impartial manner, and impartiality, which is in accordance with the law, Sharia and the general interest, without giving preference to interest, and should be interested in impartiality, and that the opinions they share with the hopes and aspirations of society and what it wants.

Approach yourself

Abdullah Al Kutbi: We must begin by applauding His Highness the initiative of the ruler of Sharjah to let the people of the emirate choose half of the members of the Council, in addition to the appointment of His Highness the second half of the members and the leadership of the ship's wife for the first time since its inception. Most of the members of the youth generation, who served in important areas, by the way, we discussed most of the divisions operating in the emirate, and we came up with recommendations that serve the local community to a great extent, was presented to His Highness the ruler of Sharjah, The Council is successful in its meetings and its work is visible to the full, and the co-operation of the members mutually and their eagerness to teamwork within the team spirit, the general interest, and we hope that we do our duty and Ordana Almighty God , and His Highness the ruler of Sharjah, who did not spare us anything.
In the next round, which is the last under the parliamentary umbrella, we want to intensify the efforts and continue to discuss the remaining circles on hosting in the Council, and we hope that the next new members will later sincerely follow the same approach in hard work and gaps will fill up.

Transfer challenges

We thank His Highness the ruler of Sharjah for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the realization of the vision of His Highness by conveying the needs and aspirations of the people of the Emirate and striving for them. to serve with the great care that His Highness gives to the community in general and the family in particular to offer a decent life. The right life for everyone and strive to improve public services to everyone.
I thank the citizens of Dibba Al-Hosn who have taken me to the secretariat of candidacy for membership of the Council, to genuinely contribute to the service of the emirate, and the sound of a genuine spring for her and his highness. I hope that I have succeeded in transferring the challenges of the housing file to the citizens of the emirate in general and Dibba Al-Hosn in particular. The development of public services and infrastructure in the different cities of the emirate I consider myself within the Council and beyond to serve the citizens and youth of the Principality in every work entrusted to him or as a volunteer to develop guidelines, and texts His Highness the ruler of Sharjah.

Integrated system

"We have realized that the parliamentary work is full of challenge and perseverance, and the search for all that is new, about the desired development that others seek and work to overcome the difficulties of all kinds, according to the oath we shared with His Highness Sheikh, Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, We would like to be active members wherever we are and the right arm of all of us. "We want to be an active member of the Council." Necessity, and The Works Day and Night, Tirelessly , tirelessly, and our noble purpose of Sharjah's beloved, so we continue to examine the long hours of laws, seem to be strong, and to assure everyone that we are able to make the difference.
Under his sensible guidelines we have overcome many difficulties, humiliated and translated all visions into meaningful and effective programs. The sessions were characterized by a remarkable achievement for the Council.
We have also given a vivid example of parliamentary experience in the emirate of Sharjah, as members of the Council or as members of the various committees.

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