Sharjah Municipality confirms its lack of complacency with the beach vendors

The municipality of Sharjah confirms its non-complacency with the traitors Al-Jazal:

The municipality of Sharjah has warned Sharjah to deal with the pilgrims during the Eid al-Adha period, which poses a threat to health, because the sacrifice is not subject to investigation, which in turn exposes the consumer to various diseases, with the emphasis that it will confiscate the carcass, if they are caught during or after slaughter.

The municipality pointed out that the pilgrims do not have the medical expertise to assess the validity of the carcasses for consumption, the lack of knowledge of the legitimate slaughter conditions, besides the fact that they are not free of contagious diseases, which can be transferred by sacrifice, not being dedicated to health and hygiene practices and cleanliness The materials used, which endanger the health of the consumer, as well as the proper removal of the remains of the slaughter, leading to environmental pollution.

Mohammed Al Kaabi, head of the City Control Department of Sharjah City, told Emirates Al Youm that specialized teams of 120 inspectors had been appointed to monitor and monitor all areas of the emirate, and noted that the traitors are a public health hazard be, pointing out that the slaughter in an inappropriate environment must be firm against him and must take the right to deterrence and illegal violation of the law.

"The inspection teams are doing their utmost to limit this phenomenon, through permanent lap times through Eid, consumer health and preservation are priorities of the municipality."

Al-Kaabi explained that "there are people who, for a number of reasons, take refuge in the roaming kebab.In case of seizure the carcass is confiscated and the kasab and the person who handles it are slaughtered, so that they do not treated and slaughtered in the central slaughterhouse, which is clean and suitable for slaughter,, and all sacrifices for veterinary examination ».

The municipality has drawn up an annual plan to organize work throughout the Eid, and points to the importance of the direction of people who want to slaughter the udhiyah to the central slaughterhouse or slaughterhouses distributed to the cities and regions. from Sharjah.

He explained that "the municipality provided a team of veterinarians in the slaughterhouse to inspect all carcasses prior to slaughter, to ensure that they were disease-free and then to follow them during the slaughter process, in order to preserve the health of citizens and residents . ».

He said: "The municipality has distributed information leaflets calling for slaughter in the central slaughterhouse and taking care to address street traitors because they pose a danger, both as regards the slaughter method and as regards some of them violating the laws of residency." They are not sterile ", pointing out that the houses are a place that is not suitable for slaughter because they are not subject to sterilization and the tools used by Alkasab are the same as they go from house to house, no health statement has been confirmed the absence of diseases, does not slaughter well.

80 per hour sacrifice

The mayor of Sharjah City, Mohammed Al Kaabi, pointed out that the municipality is working to organize the work in the central warehouse to reduce congestion. The capacity of the pilot during Eid-days reaches 80 large sacrifices per hour and 140 small sacrifices . The expected slaughter at the party 900 offers daily.

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