Sharjah organizes 5 major trade fairs before the end of the year

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In the coming months, Expo Expo Sharjah will organize a number of major international events, including specialized trade and cultural exhibitions, conferences and festivals, starting early October with the Middle East Watches and Jewelery Fair and ending with the China Business Week on 14 December.
The upcoming exhibitions and conferences have been a continuation of Sharjah Expo since the beginning of 2018 and attract thousands of national and foreign exhibitors and exhibitors, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.
The fair and conference sector in Sharjah plays an important role in the economy of the emirate and plans to increase the investment space in this sector in the light of the consolidation of the UAE in general and Sharjah, especially as an international exhibition center supported by a modern infrastructure and advanced, what the people of Expo are represented by its CEO by winning the membership of the Council The International Federation of the Exhibition Industry (France) and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events – The Arab Gulf region, under the chairmanship of the Middle East and Africa region of the International Federation of the Exhibition Industry. This is a clear recognition of the UAE in general and Expo Sharjah is particularly proud of its leading role in the regional exhibition industry.
In an exclusive interview with Emirates News Agency, Saif Mohammed Al Madfa, CEO of Expo Sharjah, said that the events that the Center will organize or organize in the coming months, the desired successes and their growing growth and their positive impact on the economic and social level for years, in terms of the number of local and international exhibitors and national pavilions. Or the number of visitors of business people, investors, experts, stakeholders and consumers, even in terms of their contribution to the GDP of the emirate as a consequence of its role in promoting economic development, revitalizing the trade movement, promoting business tourism and supporting the brain. Winding sectors vital areas.
The Sharjah Expo Center will include five major international trade fairs: Jewelery and Watches Fair, International Autumn Trade Fair, International Cement and Concrete Exhibition and Conference, Big Shopping Show, China Trade Week and two cultural exhibitions. The Sharjah International Book Fair and the International Festival of Photography.
Sharjah Expo Center will launch the fourth quarter of 2018 at the exhibition of the Middle East, the first and largest exhibition at the trade fairs in the UAE and the region. The 45th edition of the exhibition takes place on 2-6 October with the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Since its launch in 1982, the Sharjah International Book Fair has been transformed from a book fair into a cultural and creative project that brings community members, readers, authors, thinkers and publishers together through a single platform and offers them various events.

Creative industries

The Sharjah Book Authority encourages investment in the creative industry, increases its share and provides an intellectual platform for the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and culture among peoples, civilizations and cultures, and emphasizes the importance of the book and its impact on the dissemination of awareness of society in the light of technical development and diversity of sources of knowledge. Special addition to children's book.
The Expo Expo will be organized by the Expo Center in Sharjah from 20 to 22 November. The exhibition will include the participation of leading international retailers in the region. Strengthen Sharjah's status as a regional hub for products, services, re-exports and global trade and trade.
Photographers and professionals have the perfect opportunity to participate in the third edition of the Sharjah International Photography Festival (Expo 2018), organized by the Government Information Office of the Government of Sharjah from 20-24 November.

Concrete industry

On 25 November the second edition of the International Cement and Concrete Fair in the Middle East, which will take place in two days, will take place with the participation of more than 100 suppliers and 1000 international experts in the construction sector from all over the world.
Sharjah Expo Center is organizing the fourth edition of the CEF exhibition for fashion and electronic products in the period from 28 November to 2 December 2018 in collaboration with the national torture day of the UAE and the 46th anniversary.

China Trade Week

The Sharjah Expo Center will close its main events this year with the activities of the 6th China Trade Fair 2018, which will take place from 12 to 14 December, with more than 300 exhibitors exhibiting more than 1,000 Chinese products.
The new edition of China Trade Week will cover 8,000 square meters and will house major Chinese manufacturers from various sectors, including auto parts, furniture, interior decoration, industrial machinery and consumer goods such as electronics and other high-tech Chinese products, competing.
The China Trade Week focuses on products and services (after sales) relating to car maintenance, electronics, products for environmental protection, energy saving, mechanical fault diagnosis machines, tire repair equipment and washing machines for cars.

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