Shopping centers in Dubai have a record attendance during Eid

26 08 2018

Offers and discounts stimulate spending

Shopping centers in Dubai achieved record performance in Eid Al Adha's holiday last week, and promotions and discounts helped boost spending and attract more customers, while recreational activities and activities stimulated visitors, especially families.

Strong attendance

A spokesperson for Emaar Malls said in a statement to the economic statement: "All Emaar Malls have witnessed a strong turnout during the Eid Al Adha holiday, and we have organized many activities and entertainment events that have influenced the Eid celebration for families. , For a selection of exclusive promotions ».

"There is no doubt that the high turnout and positive sales on Eid's holiday are a strong indication of Dubai's leading position as a leading destination for tourism and holidays thanks to exceptional shopping and entertainment opportunities.

We are always committed to working from the vision and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, to establish Dubai as a family destination that attracts visitors throughout the year. "

The success of Dubai

The emirate ranks fourth among the world's most popular tourist destinations and attracted 15.78 million visitors in 2017, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism and commercial marketing in Dubai.


Estimates from Dubai's retail sales report for 2017 show that international visitors spend $ 2050 per visitor per night in Dubai.

For its part, the results of the Merseyseries survey on the 20 conditions for quality of life, Dubai is the list of cities that expats prefer to stay and work in the Middle East and Africa.

The increasing number of tourists, the steady arrival of residents and newcomers to Dubai, as well as the competition from leading international brands to be present on the local market, support the continued high demand for retail services for consumers. Shopping centers in Dubai play an essential role as an attraction for tourists from The Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), the Eid celebrations in Dubai and other retail events held throughout the year, events that visitors love to keep in mind. And their vacation with them.


Residents in Dubai and throughout the UAE see these retail activities, which increase every year, to capture the best bargains and big discounts. While developers constantly strive to create imaginative forces and designs that offer the best shopping experience that exceeds shoppers' expectations.

With a large number of unique shopping centers in the world, Dubai is an ideal destination for shopping. These shopping centers are not only what they suggest, but also outside restaurants, supermarkets, banks and cinemas. Playgrounds and other facilities, amenities and recreation that offer a variety of options for the shoppers.

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