The "Anti-Narcotics" in the Sharjah police is celebrating with children

Sharjah: «Golf»

The Department of Narcotics Control on the Sharjah Police General Command and the campaign & # 39; Summer Security & # 39; gave gifts to children in Sharjah City and the Central and Eastern region on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.
The initiative focused on the participation of children in the joy of happiness, joy and joy in their hearts, as part of the "Summer Security" campaign, launched by the general management of the Sharjah police in June, raising the awareness of security to promote and spread in the community to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Interior. Improving safety, security and the preservation of the lives of individuals.
Lieutenant Colonel Majid Al-Assam, director of the Anti-Drugs Division, emphasized the sharpness of the Sharjah Police Headquarters to provide the activities and support programs to make summer safer, through the participation of members of the community at all social events.

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