The emirate Fujairah receives a campaign for the tax clinic

The UAE's Federal Taxation Authority's "Tax Clinic" campaign for direct and continuous contact with the business sectors resumed its tour of the UAE and began its three-day tour through the Fujairah community.

A statement from the federal authority, read by Akhbar Al Youm, states that the campaign is focused on tax awareness, increasing the number of registered taxable works, increasing the level of the obligation to file tax returns and paying the required taxes .

The Authority confirmed that its representatives would be present at the "tax clinic" in every emirate to register those who did not register to avoid delay penalties. She also explained how she should file tax returns and pay the taxes due to avoid fines.

The authority launched the first phase of the "Tax Clinic" initiative in Ras Al Khaimah on August 12 and is expected to continue with all emirates of the state for about 3 months.

VAT was introduced on 1 January in the UAE, with a base rate of 5%. This tax, as a general consumption tax, was imposed for most transactions with goods and services, unless the law provides for an exemption or exemption.

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