The first conference on the development of young children in the state of Kuwait,

The Ministry of Education intends to hold a series of specialized conferences in the field of early childhood, which will support and enrich educational practices in this area. The first conference for young children is held at the Teachers Institute in Ajman, where more than 1,100 teachers from all over the country and international experts meet during the three-day conference from 24 to 26 September.

The event will be organized in collaboration with the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Youth in the United Arab Emirates, UNESCO and UNICEF. The development conference for early childhood includes 55 experts from internationally recognized development experts for early childhood who will make an important contribution to the learning outcomes of children. Education in the UAE.

ECCD, the first of its kind in the UAE, aims to provide decision-makers, educators and educators with the opportunity to access the latest research in pre-school care and education. The conference will be a platform for discussion and exchange of experiences that will contribute to the redesign of the development of children. For children aged 0-8 years in the United Arab Emirates.

HE Jameela Bint Salem Al Muhairi, State Secretary for Public Education, said: "The ministry has a major responsibility for the development of young children in the UAE, and we want to ensure that we apply the best practices and learn from experienced experts in this area. This event marks the first milestone in ECD and we are honored that more than 50 experts in this area will participate in this event by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices with more than 1,000 teachers. "

The conference includes the participation of renowned international experts in this field, including Stephen Barnett, professor and director of the National Institute for Early Learning Research at Rutgers University, Dr. Ellen Freddy, Senior Director, National Institute for Early Learning Research; Professor Gregor Borest, professor of developmental psychology and cognitive neurology at the University of Paris, Descartes; Dr. Angelica Bongota, co-researcher at the Center for Child Studies, and Dr. Peter Tims, director of international performance indicators in primary schools at Durham University.

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