The first high-ranking government official opens fire on the UAE after military threats that are loyal to violence!

The first high-ranking government official opens fire on the UAE after military threats that are loyal to violence!

The Yemenite province of Socotra has launched a devastating attack on the United Arab Emirates and accuses it of encouraging rebellion against local authorities in the province.

Socotra Governor Ramzi Mahrous said that the UAE delegates encouraged rebellion against the local authorities in Socotra.

Mahrous accused the UAE of trying to set up a parallel force and services similar to those offered by the government.

Socotra has seen tensions in recent days that have reached the point of threatening violence against local authorities there.

Yesterday, the local government organized an extensive meeting in the Socotra archipelago with the social and dignitaries in the province to see the latest developments in the archipelago.

The Governor of Socotra Ramzi Mahrous told the two communities: "Our invitation to you today to give you an idea of ​​what is happening in the province today as influential figures in your region & # 39; s and to cooperate with the local authorities to maintain the stability of the archipelago and social cohesion and prevent the wearing of any informal force. Development process ".

He referred to the developments and the creation of manifestations of the disruption of the province's peace and the disintegration of its social structure by armed elements, some of which belong to the armed forces and security, deviate from the guidelines of their leadership and their aim to shed blood and create chaos, emphasizing that these phenomena will not be allowed in Socotra. According to Saba.

The governor pointed out that the province and its people with the constitutional legitimacy represented by President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, president of the republic, emphasized the involvement of the Socotra people in the outcome of the extensive national dialogue and the transition to the new federal state that everyone wants.

For their part, the dignitaries and social figures have expressed great appreciation for the efforts of the local government in the province to provide services to citizens and all measures to impose the prestige of the state and to continue the development wheel.

The meeting was attended by the char dess d & # 39; affairs of the first district, Reed Al-Jureibi, the police director Brigadier Ali Al-Ridhdi, the 1st Brigade Commander, Marine Col. Rukn Nasser Qais, and a number of directors of the Executive Offices.

The armed forces, some of them security leaders attributed to the conference had resigned from their positions, and other military loyal to the UAE, threatened to use force against local authorities, against the background of the closure of the county's electricity director, in addition to the arrest of a Filipino worker extinguished electricity and tried to flee the province, arrested.

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