The first retaliation reaction. A leading leader in the southern transition burns the Council headquarters in Scotland

The leader of the so-called "transitional council" in the province of Socotra-archipelago, to burn the headquarters of the Council, in protest against the lack of equality with the rest of the leaders in the distribution of bonuses.

Local sources said that the secretary general of the movement and a member of the Transitional Council in Socotra, Ahmed Abdul-Rab, electrified the headquarters of the "transition period" as an angry response not to give him a car by the UAE representative in the province, like others who organized the demonstration and tried a coup against the local authorities and the legitimate government, Last Sunday.

The sources pointed out that the United Arab Emirates delegate handed over a number of cars, such as "Lexus and Heloxat 2018", to everyone who participated in the organization of the demonstration and attempted coup against the legitimate government and governor of the province, appointed by the President of the Republic, Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi.

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