The former leader of Scotland mocked accusations of intimidation

Abu Dhabi – Sky News Arabic The former leader of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has denounced allegations of sexual harassment against him and called it ridiculous & # 39 ;.

Salmond said in a tweet that he would prosecute the Scottish government for handling the case.

He said that the procedure was "too unfair to see that and therefore the case against me in the right way to deal with." I was not allowed to see the evidence. "

According to the Scottish Daily Inquirer, the accusations include Salmond's behavior towards two female employees, dating back to 2013, when he served as prime minister. Added that the case was in police custody.

The Scottish government announced on Friday that it is vital to thoroughly investigate all allegations of intimidation and to defend its position strongly.

Al-Khobar (former leader of Scotland ridicule accusations of intimidation)
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