The governor of Abyan and the representative of the Red Crescent begin high school in Zanzibar

The governor of Abyan Province, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein, met with the representative of the UAE Red Crescent, Saeed Al Ali, today high school in Zanzibar after he was rehabilitated by the Red Crescent Authority of the UAE.

After the opening, the Abyan governor welcomed the UAE Red Crescent team visiting the province to set up a number of development and service projects, including the secondary Siddiq. He pointed to the efforts and speed of the Red Crescent to achieve this. to rehabilitate high school project destroyed by the war.

The governor of Abyan said the United Arab Emirates was credited with the liberation of Abyan by the Houthi militias and sacrificed his best men to clean up the province. Nowadays the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates contributes enormously the liberation of the province against all forms of suffering by providing food aid and service and development projects. .

The representative of the UAE, the Red Crescent, Saeed Al Ali, in turn spoke in a speech in which he handed over the greetings of his Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan to the people of the Abyan Governorate and their families in the humanitarian emergency campaign launched by His Highness for the poorest families in the next six months.

He pointed out that, along with the rehabilitation of high school, full classrooms and the distribution of school bags were provided to all students of 440 students.

The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed food packages to the 52 teachers.

It should be noted that secondary education in the province of Abyan was established in 1972 as the first secondary school in the province and graduated senior civil servants.

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