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  Oud Hazam

At this moment of the year the world celebrates its annual opportunity for humanitarian work.


At these times of every year the world celebrates its annual opportunity for humanitarian work. In many parts of the world there are areas of devastation, which are burdened by wars, events and conflicts, and remote areas of poverty, in which humanitarian cases, which are not helped by aid and are not covered by the statistics of international organizations and agencies , be removed from the pain and suffering. In many places on this planet, how many children are deprived of life and the hope of the future, women, old men and men overcome conflicts and freeze their tenderness of circumstances. Let us be on those who are far away from the lenses of the world and double their efforts to search for it.
International figures about humanitarian situations are poor, refugees and ever-changing victims, and they are negatively portrayed as being majestic. They speak about the millions of disadvantaged children, including those living in refugee camps, some struggling in conflicts, poverty and famine, the biggest loser of the generation of construction and reconstruction.
We do not want to pass on correct figures, but we want to transform the human tragedy from number to rescue program & # 39; s that are not dependent on material help to needy and underprivileged.
There can be many conscientious and human institutions that have touched the suffering of others and are destined to find them and mobilize international efforts to support the weak and the underprivileged, but the suffering in the world continues and the numbers are still searching.
We note here the importance of humanitarian diplomacy in accelerating relief operations, activating humanitarian partnerships between the local and international community, increasing access to policy makers and cooperating with them to alleviate the suffering of the weak. "We emphasize the importance of the media and its humanitarian role in increasing the awareness of the problems of the affected communities. We mention here many journalists who have sacrificed their lives for humanitarian action, including those who have been victims of war and the conditions of Cairo that are humbled to be handed over to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent To the world in its true form after experiencing the cruelty of those conditions and suffering in response to the call of humankind
] We have to meet on the day of humanitarian action to love the good and human tenderness to stand on many social groups that need urgently Our help and support can be among us without being aware of their humanitarian needs .Humanitarian action extends to a loving hand, a good word and a heart that fits with the love of others.In this context, we remember ns people with disabilities, the elderly and others who desperately need our proximity, protection and human happiness.
The UAE has made humanitarian work a community culture based on the love to give. A humanitarian approach has been set up by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless him and his family. m
In the same vein, the emirate of Sharjah was an example of humanitarian action, such as his Highness Sheikh. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Court and the ruler of Sharjah and his wife Sheikha Jawahar [20099003] The important and important role of the Grand Heart Foundation, which is a reflection of the humanitarian mission in Sharjah, must be mentioned.
Finally, we extend our sincere greetings to every white hand that has contributed to saving lives and stopping the tears of a devastated child, and has restored hope for everyone working to protect the rights of all those who are denied their rights and rights. And to tackle the crises of humanity
We must redouble our efforts to break the barriers of isolation of the weak and the poor and to regulate the doors of life for those who are deprived of their coercive measures.

Humanitarian Envoy of the Great Heart Foundation

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