The most important events in Yemen tonight

Published by "Yemen Arab", the most prominent 20 titles of the main events in the evening of this day Monday 27 August 2018, as follows:

Watch the video .. The status of Dubai airport after Houthis's allegations

Ambassador Shujauddin meets Croatian Deputy Minister of Political Affairs

President of the National Assembly in the South to the President: "We will protect you .. Footnote will bring you to the gallows"

Ben Dagher praises the national positions of Mahdi Abdel Salam and Mohamed Ben Brik

Major General Ben Brik for the Arab Yemen: we have strong relations with the officers of the northern provinces and offer them "ideas & # 39;

Jumaih comments on Al-Houthi's statements about bombing in the UAE: lying lies

Killed Houthi field leader prominently shot by the national resistance in Hodeidah

Know the exchange rate of the national currency against the US dollar in 56 years

Governor of the argument that the Houthi & # 39; s accused of exploiting the need of citizens to force them to fight in their ranks

Houthis imposes royalties on private schools in Ibb

Al-Houthi militia forces al-Houthi to distribute sectarian books

URGENT: The UAE officially answers al-Houthi's allegations aimed at Dubai airport

Local Al-Jawf inspects the discipline of career in a number of executive offices

Deputy Minister of the Service checks the level of functional discipline in a number of institutions in Aden

Identified 14 leaders identified by the militias as members of the Shura Council

The civil service in Shabwa announces a commitment rate of 83% in the administrative units

Militias talk about the discipline of work after the holiday, despite the ongoing looting of the salaries of the staff

Video .. What Mgradon answers to the allegations of militias Houthi bombing at Dubai airport

Attiyah discusses the procedures regarding the service to pilgrims in Medina

See … Heroes who are currently undergoing a rehabilitation program at the center of the prostheses in Aden

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