The mother of a stunned child in Ras Al Khaimah: negligence killed him


The mother of Salem Ali al-Shehhi, six years old, who died of electrocution at Ras al-Khaimah last week, said it was neglect that killed her child. On the day of the accident he played with his sisters and younger brother. The living room while she was doing her housework, and after seven minutes disappeared, I looked at him in the house did not find it, rushed to the outer arena and found the door open, and when I went out I found the door of the transformer room is unusually open I looked inside and found lying on the floor [19659003] The mother added that his body was hot and tried to keep him, but it did not help, led him to the department I He died after being hit by an electric shock.

"My son who gave birth to him after five daughters killed him carelessly because the door of the transformer room was not shut properly and we do not know who left it open," she said. "Since the death of (Salem) I did not know the taste of sleep or rest, the shock of his loss was beyond my pregnancy, and do not be impatient to do so, but it is God's righteousness and skill."

She explained that "constantly looking at her children, do not expect the door of the room to be directly opposite with them at home, without the parties involved taking the necessary measures to close the door, to protect children from danger. protect. "

The federal electricity and water authority has opened an investigation into the death of a young child who was shocked in an electric transformer room in the Al-Sih area in the emirate Ras Al-Khaimah. He said the authorities of the RAK police had been home yesterday and had given her testimony to investigate the incident. Director-General of the Authority, Eng. Mohammed Saleh, said that "the Commission is waiting for the report of the Ras Al Khaimah police and forensic investigation into the causes of death in its final report." He added that "the internal investigation of the Authority focuses on the dates of maintenance of the transformer, visits by the competent staff to investigate, All the points were the reason He noted that" the Commission has launched an investigation to to identify the causes of the infant mortality accident and the offender's liability, and began its procedures to review the insurance and fencing of all chambers of electric transformers in the areas covered by the Commission at state level, particularly in residential areas. "[19659003] [19690001]]



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