The newspaper Gulf promises Yemenites this news

The Emirati newspaper, the Yemeni people, announced that the head of the serpent had been cut off in connection with the operation carried out by the legitimate forces with the support of the Arab Alliance in the province of Saada, the main stronghold of the Al-Houthi militia, which reached the Maran area, the main stronghold of militia leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

Al-Khaleej said today in the editorial: "With unwavering determination and determination, the Yemeni army continues to support the Arab Alliance in a confident step to restore Yemen from the clutches of the Houthi coup, which supports the internal consensus of the National Dialogue Conference. 2013 rejected and carried out a coup The legitimacy of the assault by force of arms in September 2014, and the transformation of Yemen into a mobile powder block, using the state of coma Yemen experienced after the 2011 protests, and the negative results for all situations, the country started a civil war, did not recover From them until now. "

The last successes of the Yemeni army lie in the arrival in Maran in the province of Saada, the main stronghold of the Houthi group, and the teenage leader, who was placed in the position of his group for a sabotage project from abroad, with the aim of stability and security in the region.

The newspaper pointed out whether or not the militia leader had promised to be a glove in the hands of the mullahs in Iran, who had provided the money and expertise to strengthen the group and facilitate the control of the camps, making it the capital Sana & # 39; a had managed to reach before it extended to all parts of the country, including Aden, which was restored after months of fall in the grip of the coup, thanks to the national resistance and martyrs presented by the Arab alliance countries, and at the forefront of the United Arab Emirates.

"The importance of the area officially reached by the national army in Saada is that it is one of the areas that the Houthi & # 39; s wanted to protect because of the symbol of the authority of the coup group, but that the armed forces loyal to the tribes loyal to the Houthi & # 39; s, And with the support of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, was able to defend the defensive fortifications, and control over a number of areas located in the range of Maran, after breaking in four axes and control over multiple sites were taken by the militias Houthi strategic sites threaten the people, and neighbors Yemen ".

The newspaper pointed out that the removal of tens of kilometers from the presence of militias, and the complete control of it, in particular Wadi Khalb, Umm Naira, Gharib Umm Sarouf, Jabal Tayban and Aqaba Al-Zaher, and Aqaba Khorban at the bottom of Maran, prove that the "Ras Al-Snake" plan is beginning to bear fruit. And that the forces are just around the corner to control the entire area and lift the flag of the Republic over the mountains of Maran, as promised by the armed forces, and the legitimate authorities in the country.

According to the paper, it seems that the Houthi group began to feel the danger of approaching the national army forces from their strongholds, announced a state of emergency to confront them, and was able to evacuate dozens of leaders for fear of access to it. .. Noting that the Houthi group knows that the end was approaching and betting on supporting Iran, and Hezbollah, are no longer enough to save them from their inevitable destiny. The victories that take place on the ground, both in Saada and Hajjah , or the west coast, have been lost by much of what is in their hands. The next few days are a lot of surprises.

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