The party is a joy shared by young and old

Sharjah: Mahmoud Mohsen

Despite the development of entertainment and expansion of the amusement park in the United Arab Emirates in different emirates, and the variety of internal and external forms and even water, and the era of electronic games attractive to children and adults, but it is still the first respite for families and individuals from different cultures, refuge in parks, parks and beaches. Al-Khaleej witnessed the ceremonial manifestations on the first day of Eid al-Adha of the meetings of Arab and foreign families, and various activities carried out by each of these families, accompanied by their children and relatives for recreation and one not -traditional family day.
Fadi Murad, head of the family, says: "The joy of the holiday continues to have a different taste and taste than the rest of the official holidays, where the festivities appear in different places, which leads us to guide our children to the to see festive aspects and to celebrate its festive atmosphere, celebrate your holidays and stay away from home with their loved ones, because it is a seasonal custom.Each child takes these moments and keeps them with his friends for several days.
As Tayeb Othman, head of the family: customs and traditions in the first days of the festival, our children have to grow on them and continue to be inherited generation after generation.

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