The Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates in Cairo divides sacrificial meat to families of people in need

Red Crescent Authority divided United Arab Emirates Cairo under the auspices of an embassy United Arab Emirates Cairo, meat sacrificial animals on to catch In a number of fields and provinces of Egypt, in the presence of Khalifa Al Shamsi, director of the office of the Red Crescent Authority United Arab Emirates Cairo, and a delegation diplomat Embassy of the UAE.

The "Al Shamsi", in a statement, on Tuesday, that the role and work of the crescent red United Arab Emirates On to the people Egyptian The brother derives from the conscience of the UAE people and the dictates of fraternal relations between the two fraternal peoples.

He noticed to Which Distribution process sacrificial animals Is the love and cooperation of the people United Arab Emirates against Brothers And the belief in the need for our cooperation and solidarity, emphasizing that the Authority does not bother, where a distribution was carried out sacrificial animals Since the early morning after the Eid prayer directly in some of Egypt's Governments, including "Cairo, Giza, October 6 and Minya And Assiut And Qena And Luxor And Sohag And Aswan And Western And Mansoura Monofia, Kafr El-Sheikh, Dakahlia and Suez And Ismailism"He said.

He added that the UAE Red Crescent continues with every activity that needs to be spread sacrificial animals All days of Eid adha Al-Mubarak.

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