The second UAE to sign open skies agreements

Bank – UAE:

The General Civil Aviation Authority said the UAE is in second place in the world in terms of the number of open skies agreements with a total of 177 agreements and memoranda of understanding signed with various international air traffic rights markets.

"Due to the position of the UAE in the middle of the world, the UAE market is the focal point between the east and the west. As a result of the UAE's open skies policy, civil aviation is trying to open an increasing number of air transport services to new markets. open to our national airlines, "said Saif Al Suwaidi,.

Open Skies agreements are divided into three types, depending on the scope of the rights covered by the agreement. These open skies enable the signatory countries to make unlimited journeys between all points, each capacity and at what speed.

The second type is an agreement that allows the two countries to carry out an arbitrary number of flights between two points, determined by each capacity and at any rate, and currently signed and limited agreements, which enable the two countries to perform a certain number of flights from a certain number of points with a specific capacity.

Air transport agreements between countries regulate the laws and freedoms set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to regulate air transport between the regions of the countries. The UAE urges countries to sign open skies agreements in order to to reduce restrictions on international air traffic.

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