The secret behind crispy baked aubergines without drinking an oil tip

Posted on Sunday 26 August,

BBC News: – Homeowners generally complain about the amount of oil absorbed by eggplant when it is low, so we offer you a quick and proven way to bake the eggplant without drinking the oil.


1 – cut eggplant after refining

2 – sprinkle eggplant salt-cut from the sides and leave for a quarter of an hour to remove the water inside the salt.

3 – After a quarter of an hour, press the aubergines section. You will see how much water you get from it.

4. Sprinkle eggplant with starch after removing water and be careful not to get too thick.

5 – Boil the eggplant over a high heat.

The result that you will certainly like, try it.

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