The UAE closes the festival of the inspiring people in Aden with important results and results

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority closed the activities of the festival of the people organized by the Authority during the Eid al-Adha, in the context of Zayed 2018.

The festival enjoyed various participations, paragraphs, opportunities, available space, target groups, multi-capacity and creativity, interaction, participation and community enthusiasm as a whole, and aesthetic paintings that were formed on the Corniche of Jafar Khor Maksar, Brega Minor Park, Elephant Resort in Al Tawahi, The fifth day of Eid al-Adha, under the full patronage and generous support of the UAE Red Crescent, in the context of Zayed 2018.

Saeed Al Kaabi, Director of Humanitarian Operations in Yemen, said: "We have achieved positive results for every work planned and clearly planned in advance." In the Eid Al-Adha program in Yemen, local authorities, civil society, youth and society as a whole have successfully completed and completed the program. Aden, Abyan, Lahj, Dali, Taiz and Hodeidah (west coast).

He added that "we have performed about 18 activities and a qualitative and focused festival, including" inspired "and" Hilal Aden 3 "and" Hilal Almkha "and" Eidk Khokha "and" Camel Racing ", which were meant to bring joy in the hearts of Yemenis, and to highlight the Yemeni heritage and manifestations, social life and the integration of people with disabilities into society by enabling them to participate and give them a great space in the employment, for the creation of employment for the target, for example by offering kiosks and employment opportunities made available on the basis of their possibilities and with the help of their family and relatives.

Al-Kaabi emphasized the sharpness of the UAE and its arm for humanitarian work – the UAE Red Crescent – on the participation of the sons of Aden and the neighboring provinces and the west coast areas in the joy of Eid in the spaces around their city and to collect them, to show the characteristics and social scenes and an aesthetic panel that reflects the face of civilized and cultural cities.

According to Al-Jubei, the festival was aimed at people who need urgent help and attention for people with special needs, blind, deaf and dumb, children of needy families and disabled people from the Mine Action Center teams.

A number of social figures and civil society officials in Aden welcomed the Red Crescent of the UAE, which deals with the needs of reality in a thoughtful way and works by offering help and assistance to contribute.

In finding solutions and treatments, emphasizing that this is not new for a country on the basis of good and humanitarian work, and expressing their thanks and appreciation for all efforts in various fields.

A number of children present thanked the Emirat Al Khair and the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates for organizing the festive events that contributed to the joy and joy in their hearts.

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