The UAE condemns the attack on the presidential palace in Kabul

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) condemned the attack on the presidential palace in the Afghan capital Kabul yesterday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation today condemned the UAE in a statement and condemned this violent action, emphasizing the steadfastness of the state and the rejection of the various forms of violence. She deeply regretted the timing of this attack under the initiative of President Ashraf Ghani to stop the fire during the leave. Eid al – Adha.

And reaffirmed the attitude and solidarity of the UAE to the government and the people of Afghanistan, and calls on the international community to unite in order to meet all threats to the security and stability of all countries.

At the end of his statement, the ministry considered the political solution and efforts of the Afghan government in this respect the only option for Afghanistan to emerge from the violence that undermined the foundations of peace and stability in recent years.

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