The UAE is working on the development of a nuclear security department to respond to emergency situations

The UAE is working on the development of a nuclear security department to respond to emergency situations

Abu Dhabi – Al Hayat | 7 minutes ago 1 September 2018 – Last updated on September 1, 2018 / 00:28

The Abu Dhabi police have developed a nuclear security department within its organizational structure to increase its readiness and speed to address emergency situations and provide security services efficiently and professionally for the security of the community and its institutions. The department is responsible for drafting and assessing nuclear safety response plans, preparing the nuclear and radiological risk register and submitting it to the relevant authorities, the official news agency WAM reported yesterday. periodic.

Acting Director of the Criminal Security Sector, Brigadier General Mohammed Suhail Al Rashidi, stressed the importance of ensuring the sustainability of police and security in line with international best practices in implementing the Abu Dhabi government's vision in developing institutional work and improving the quality of services within an integrated security system based on the latest technology and future vision. . He added that the new section is in line with the Abu Dhabi police duties and performance and meets his plans and operational needs. He added that he supported Kader Bisheri with developing a safety culture among operators and regulators. of nuclear facilities, consolidating teamwork and improving performance indicators. "The Abu Dhabi police are working to fulfill the obligations under the nuclear safety agreements, to establish this culture, to achieve excellence in professional work and to ensure that the highest standards for nuclear emergency measures are applied in accordance with the best international standards in this regard. " Services, according to the concepts of the future police.

The department will perform the tasks of the local and federal authorities in drafting and assessing the plans for nuclear safety, coordination with internal and external partners during the training and exercises to increase preparedness and the implementation of the improvement opportunities in this respect. follow, according to the evaluation results. Coordination and assessment of the role of partners in the response to nuclear safety, contributions with external partners to awareness-raising campaigns and the follow-up of material and human resources to operationalize specialized work.

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