The UAE supports the safety of the Hadramout coast with (157) vehicles

The Emirates support the safety of the coast of Hadramout with (157) vehicles We publish our visitors New News Today through our breeze News and start with the most important news,

Naseem News The governor of the province of Hadramout, commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bassani, received this morning the vehicles and equipment of public security and the police on the coast of Hadramawt, supplied by the United Arab Emirates within the program of development of the security sector in the province for a total amount of 20 million dirhams.

The governor of Hadramout said after the extradition that it is not strange to offer the UAE new support for the children of Hadramout, which will have a positive effect on the performance of the security sector and the police in the province, he said.

He praised the UAE's support for the police sector, described it as qualitative and Hadramout has not been the same for decades, point to this support will provide a qualitative leap forward for the security sector, especially the continuation of the qualitative training program that two months is launched and takes ten months and will be carried out by 1250 members of the security forces and the police.

For its part, the Director General of Security and Police on the coast of Hadramout Brigadier General Munir Tamimi said that this support from the UAE comes as part of an integrated program for the development of the security services in the province, will work on the development of the security services in all forms and will provide a good climate for the performance of the staff and will increase its competence and develop its skills and will increase its knowledge and will enable them to implement their different tasks professionally.

The representative of the UAE Interior Interior Brigadier General Ahmed bin Zaitoun Al Muhairi said that 157 vehicles and equipment were transported, including 4 civil protection mechanisms with all its equipment and 60 firearms, and it is being implemented program for the development of the police sector in Hadramout, launched by the UAE in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior About two months.

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