The "Waqf Tree" initiative is witnessing a high turnout at the Malihah market in Sharjah

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The "Waqf Tree" initiative has strong demand in the market of Malihah Sharjah from Sharjah 24, on Monday, August 20, 2018.

Sharjah –

The Malihah market in Sharjah on Sunday witnessed a large turnout of citizens and residents to acquire the Al Ghaf and Al Arak trees to grow in their areas and to expand the green area in the country.

The aim of the initiative is to spread 100,000 trees of Al Ghaf and Al Arak trees to the citizens and inhabitants of the country to encourage them to grow trees and to increase the green area in the country.

Salem Sultan Al-Qaidi distributed trees on the market of Malihah in Sharjah, where the market witnessed a high demand for the buyers to buy these trees, and the initiative got a lot of demand from social networking sites.

Al-Qaidi said in an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that the launch of the Shajrati-Waqf initiative took place on the occasion of these blessed days in the month of Dhu & lt; Hijjah and the dissemination of the culture of planting trees, especially the old trees. Defining the future generations of the benefits of old and old trees, with attention being paid to the cultivation of especially long-lived trees, which are an integral part of the environment of the United Arab Emirates.

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