Today's success plan for the eastern slaughterhouses .. And the opening of extra halls in the party

The secretariat of the eastern region confirmed the success of the plan drawn up at the central slaughterhouse of Dammam and Al-Khobar, while the general supervisor of the Public Relations and Information Spokesman Department for the Eastern Region Secretariat Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al- Sufian revealed that the number of massacres in the slaughterhouse of Dammam and the Central News slaughterhouse on the first day of Eid al-Adha was 6158 heads of sheep, while the number of executions involved 9 executions and 59 partial executions, noting that the secretariat programs & # 39; s and mechanisms for continuous veterinary tests for slaughter before and after slaughter, as well as the stages of reception and delivery through phased steps, pointing out that the numbers are increased Doctors veterinarians to track the sacrifices to guarantee their safety before slaughter, as well as a doubling of the number of butchers, ie he numbered 75 butcher in the Central Slaughterhouse Dammam, and 61 workers and 8 doctors and 9 supervisors in the slaughterhouse.

He added that the cleaning workers were attached to clean the slaughterhouses and to remove the carcasses directly, sterilizers for the floors and walls, the necessary cleaning of the slaughter rooms and slaughterhouse facilities, and the replacement of all slaughterers and the means of transport for the carcasses. .

Al-Sufian revealed that a new mechanism for the operation of slaughterhouses has been set up by increasing the capacity of the slaughterhouses. Slaughterhouses have been set up to meet the increasing number of sacrifices by opening additional slaughterhouses and providing them with sufficient numbers butchers and cleaners. Different cards with different colors, white for early reservations, which are delivered by slaughter to the slaughterhouse, while other cards are for the normal slaughter, which is on the day of Eid, to prevent overpopulation, delay and better organization.

He stressed that a number of veterinarians and supervisors had been designated to slaughter slaughterhouses and to check their validity for human consumption, noting that the number of employees reached more than 300 people during the Eid, noting the presence of 13 abattoirs in the eastern region, in addition to the kitchens provided by the secretariat and all its municipalities.

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