Ukraine and the UAE carry out investment projects in renewable energy

Ukraine and the UAE share projects
Investments in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy and signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two countries.

Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform quoted
On Sunday, Serha Savchuk, head of the Ukrainian agency for energy efficiency "through cooperation,
We will exchange experiences and promote the implementation of joint investment projects in the fields of energy efficiency and energy
Clean and waste processing. "

It is noteworthy that the UAE has considerable resources to do
Oil and gas, but they actively develop the "clean" energy, so the
The goal of the UAE's energy strategy until 2050 is to reach at least 44% of the total
Energy "clean" in the energy balance, in addition the IAEA
Known renewable energy is located in Abu Dhabi, Ukraine became the 155th state among the members
Agency in 2018.

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