United Arab Emirates: lends her $ 1 million to marry her and marry her girlfriend

An employee with a leading position in a global company with a branch in Dubai has loaned her friend 4.5 million dirhams – about $ 1 million and $ 200,000 – to be taken by his wife later on.

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According to the "Emirates Today" newspaper, the Department of Expertise and Settlement of Disputes, under the board of the Ruler of Dubai, to prove the employee's right to that amount after being inspired by her colleague with his love to work and lived in the hope of a marriage.
He lent him two years in installments, but instead of repaying his promise, he married her colleague and lived in an apartment she had bought in Dubai for 2.5 million dirhams.
The director general of the department, Hashim Salem Al-Qaiwani, stated that the account between the parties was liquidated, the amounts that were not deposited and the cash deposits were refused. The claimant could not prove his relationship with the defendant. administration concluded that the defendant's plaintiff owed an amount of AED 4.5 million.
He added: "The case was studied, and the meeting with the parties, and it turned out that the case was personal and emotional, and the employee admitted that she was impressed by her colleague.
"But the shock came after she came back from a short break in her country, to be surprised to have an invitation to attend his wedding party with their colleague working in the same company."

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