Video: a car breaks against a bank in Dubai

A car breaks against a bank in Dubai

A car breaks against a bank in Dubai

A video recorded a scene of a strange traffic accident deviated by a vehicle on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street in Dubai at the Burjuman Mall and the pier broke after breaking the iron barrier and rushed to a bank where it installed itself inside after breaking the glass facade.

The director of the security information department, Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Al-Qassim, said that the incident took place at 10:30 am last Thursday, where the vehicle that caused the traffic accident was normal and during the deviation of the leader to the right pavement did not see and then broke in front of the glass bank This resulted in the collapse of an ATM and a customer who was injured inside, the driver of the vehicle was injured and the vehicle was parked in the inside of the entrance of the Bank.

Al-Qasim denied that the incident was deliberate: he also investigated the 51-year-old driver who had failed to prove that he had taken alcohol or drugs, that he was acting as a nap or while driving the cell phone. Street according to the traffic report issued in this context.

He also pointed out that immediately after the report, a traffic patrol, the committee for investigation of road accidents, officers and persons at the police station of Rafa & # 39; a moved to the hospital, the vehicle was removed from the bank and the driver with negligence has been accused.

He confirmed that some websites reported that the incident was deliberate and completely outrageous and that the incident was not considered a minor traffic accident.

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