VIDEO: Hot air balloons decorate the Czech air

About 20 teams from around the world took part in the National Air Balloons Championship held annually in the Czech Republic, where they participated in different competitions with around 23 groups around

Usually on the ability of air passengers to hit a target drawn on the ground with the help of a selection tool.
A large collection of brightly colored hot air balloons decorated the air of the city of Orsk Herdisht in the Czech countryside during the national air balloon tournament held annually in the country.
About 20 teams from all over the world from neighboring countries such as Austria and other remote areas such as Australia participated in the tournament.
The participants tested their skills in controlling balloons against the wind.
Hot-air balloons competed in different leagues with nearly 23 categories, most of which focused on the ability of airbets to hit a target on the ground with the help of a selection tool, and the tournament was won by a team that could collect as many points as possible .
In the evening there was a light show where all hot air balloons took part in an atmosphere of joy and pleasure.

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