Workshop on integrity and positive values

The Abu Dhabi police organized a workshop on career integrity and the promotion of positive values ​​and behaviors for the educational and administrative staff of the International Future Leaders School at the Bani Yas School.

Major Mohamed Hamdan Al Kaabi, head of the Anti-Corruption Department in the leading sector, spoke about the importance of consolidating the concepts and principles of transparency, fairness and responsibility in the institutions and addressing the concept of administrative corruption, the causes and prevention methods.

He stressed that the workshops and awareness-raising lectures fit within the framework of the sharpness of the Abu Dhabi police to intensify preventive awareness for all sectors and sectors of society.

Al-Kaabi pointed out the importance of keeping public money, avoiding illegal gain, not benefiting from the job or authority for personal benefits and not neglecting the application of laws and regulations. He pointed to the codified frameworks that contribute to the promotion of rules and norms for career behavior, governance values, which seeks to set up Abu Dhabi's police as a comprehensive institutional behavior, in order to preserve the achievements of the home country.

The workshop coordinator, Khadija Al Ma & amari, director of the Department of Relations and Awareness of the Anticorruption Department, said the UAE has developed anti-corruption legislation and has formulated official channels to report what is harmful to the public service, government money or behavior that can harm society and its institutions. Achieves leadership in police and security work.

It also pointed to the importance of cooperation between communities to improve the cultural image of our society through communication with Aman, allowing the public to pass on security information about any doubts that could contribute to improving security efforts.

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