YouTube Kids makes new parental supervision stricter

Dubai – Agencies

YouTube Kids has launched tougher control functions for parents who are trying to determine what children under the age of 13 can see through their platform, making them more easily exposed to inappropriate online content.

Parents who want to activate the new controller can follow the next steps, Arab Technology News reported on Sunday:

• Go to Settings

• Open a child account

• Press the Content Level option

• Enable only approved content

• Then select video & # 39; s and channels for your child, then add new videos or channels by clicking the "+" sign. Based on this setting, the child can only search for content based on what parents have selected from channels and videos.

The older version, for children from 8 to 12 years old, is intended for parents who think their children are ready to handle the application.

Parents can activate this older setting when they create a new personal account for the child or update an existing account, allowing their children to see additional new content, such as popular music and video clips for games. These new features are only available on the Android operating system and will soon be available on the iOS operating system.

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