Zayed University invites students to benefit from the Zayed Virtual Bridge project

Abu Dhabi: Rasha Jamal

Zayed University has invited students to take advantage of the courses and educational programs offered by the virtual Zayed project, with five main areas: English, finance, business administration, programming and information technology.
The university explained that the project consists of self-study courses for secondary students or graduates who want to take care of their registration and follow-up of scientific skills.
The Virtual Education Bridge of Zayed University is an e-learning platform, sponsored and managed by the university, consisting of a series of intensive e-learning courses that are available to everyone who wants to enrich their knowledge and career progression. Al Nahyan, may Allah be pleased with him, and he is considered an educational tributary of the paternal leader's cultural and educational heritage, and reflects his great efforts to establish the flag and make it a reality for everyone in the UAE.
The university said that the registration in these courses is available to citizens and residents via the university's website, and access to the content is freely available online. The content of the Virtual Academic Bridge program is intended for students who are planning to join to become a university and acquire a group of English language skills required to start their undergraduate studies, in addition to a number of other skills required for the labor market.
Dr. Riyad Al Muhaideb, director of Al-Khaleej University, said: "The program started with three courses and then new courses were added in different areas to everyone who wants to develop and develop the same curriculum.

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