Al Ittihad newspaper – 236 national service employees are running for appointment to 20 companies


United Arab Emirates



A total of 236 citizens of the national recruitment service were nominated for 20 companies during an open recruitment day, organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirati in cooperation with the national and reservation service.
ADNEC's open day was attended by 430 jobseekers with a secondary school, a diploma, a higher diploma, and a Bachelor's and Master's degree.
Saif Ahmed Al Suwaidi, secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates for Human Resources, said that the recruitment officers of the companies that participated in the open day were conducting job interviews with citizens and jobseekers for their options and their compatibility with the 241 vacancies at various identify areas including sales and customer service management and administrative supervision, computer programming, engineering and other fields.

Al-Suwaidi explained that the ministry is currently coordinating with the companies that have included the job-seekers on the list of candidates for the appointment of 236 citizens, as part of the Ministry's willingness to follow the procedures that these companies should follow with regard to the candidates in accordance with the policy of personnel departments of these companies.
He added that the ministry also follows the procedures to appoint four of the participants on the open day for employment after they had received a number of tenders from a number of companies, noting that 188 citizens of the total participants on the open day they could not stand their job interviews, especially by discovering the reasons why they did not endure these interviews to involve them in Tamkeen programs to train and rehabilitate them according to the need of each of them to develop their skills to be able to conduct job interviews in the future and improve their access to jobs. Have the priority to participate in the recruitment days organized by the ministry.
He pointed out that it is planned to organize another open day soon to recruit employees from the national service in the private sector, as part of the continuation of the implementation of the initiative in collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirati and national service and reserve.
It is worth noting that the participation of citizens in the days of employment is carried out by means of an intelligent system that includes four phases that are communicated by the participating citizen, including the registration phase followed by the selection of three vacancies from the vacancies offered and then the phase vocational guidance, aimed at informing the jobseeker about the importance of the sectors and offered jobs and ensuring their preparedness. For the interview followed by the training phase of interview skills, an optional phase and then the interview phase.

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