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Android Q may possibly see when you are involved in a traffic accident

For Google Pixel owners in the future, the next time you drive a car and get involved in a traffic accident, it is by the will of God that your Google Pixel phone can see if you have an accident and can only get help ask. This is according to the latest discovery by the XDA Developer Forum, which has found clues for this feature in the latest version of Android Q.

Developers from the XDA Developers forum have even discovered a new application from Google, called "Safety Hub" with hints related to car accidents. These hints also seem to suggest that this feature can be exclusive to Google Pixel phones, meaning other non-Google smartphones don't have this feature, so this will help Google make their smartphones more attractive.

However, it remains unclear how this feature works and how the phone can see if a user has been caught in a car accident. This feature can be based on built-in sensors such as the accelerometer sensor to see if the device has stopped unexpectedly or rely on the phone's microphone to record a sound that may sound like an accident.

Although we don't say what happens when the phone detects a traffic accident, we imagine it could ask for help, just like the way the Apple Watch smart clock asks for help when it detects the user has fallen and not responding.


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