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See the link "Artgraph 127" View the series Artegirl Resurrection Live Episode 127, which was presented on Wednesday on the Turkish channel TRT 1 episodes of the series Artegral Resurrection Part V, is now increasingly looking for and the date of the episodes of the episode 127 of the series Artegral Resurrection Part V, and the frequency of channels that transmit the series Artegral resurrection Part V, because we are on the threshold of the offer The first episode of the Artgrel series in part V What has demanded the admiration of a large number of viewers in all parts of the world and around the world, especially in the Arab region, because the series sheds light on the era of an important time and is considered a first start of the Islamic era at that time, and through our site we will learn about it All frequencies of the channels that transmit the serial Artegrl resurrection, Follow us.

TV channels and other films

Artgirl the fifth part

Frequency of channels that transmit the series of Artegral Resurrection Part V Where next Wednesday the beginning of the first episode of the series will appear, to learn more about the events that took place in the Ottoman Empire and the conquests carried out by the leader of the Ottoman Empire, and the defeat of the enemies of the Islam and religion.

Only one episode of the series will be shown every week The first episode of the Artegril Resurrection series At the following times:

  • 8 hours from Wednesday 7 November 2018.

There are many different channels that broadcast the series, these channels can be seen either Arabic on satellite NileSat, or Turkish channels is the main source for the transmission of the triangle since the first episode, in addition to the site of the light, which is the series the next day directly in Turkey, and By translating it into Arabic for those who do not understand the Turkish language from the Arab world.

Frequency of channels that transmit the series of Artegral Resurrection Part V:

To see the events of the Ottoman period and to know the history of the Ottoman Empire, it is possible Follow the series of Artegral resurrection in part V Via the following channels on a number of different satellites.

channel satellite frequency polarization
TRT 1 Turkish channel Turksat 11042 Horizontal / 8400
TRT 1 Turkish channel Eutelsat 10928 Vertical / 30000
Al Sharq channel Nilesat 11137 Vertical / 27500
Al Watan Channel Nilesat 11012 Horizontal / 27500
Channel call Nilesat 10727 Vertical / 27500
Qatar Channel Nilesat 10971 Vertical / 27500
Four young people Nilesat 11316 Vertical / 27500

It is worth noting that these channels broadcast the series of episodes of the series to Arabic on Thursday, after the Turkish TV channel 24 hours, and is a channel translator through the site of Noor, next to the series on the site via internet after the episode in Turkey by Only three hours.

  • The episode will be broadcast on Wednesday 7 November at 20:00 in Turkey.
  • During broadcast at 22:00 Egyptian time.
  • And at 9 am KSA time.

ArtGrill Part V Directly on the site of the light

After the first episode of the series of Argerel resurrection, the fifth part was passed on Turkish TRT channel In Turkish, the Site of light The episode is translated directly into Arabic and uploaded to Arab viewers around the world on the site.

ArtGrill Part V site NOW
ArtGarrell Part V The light

The 127 episode of the fifth part of the series Artegrel translated into Arabic broadcast live on the site of light The largest Arab site dedicated to displaying Turkish series translated into Arabic.

In this new season we will witness many events related to the Ottoman state and its attack on the dangers of the Tatars and Mongols, as well as the threats to Islam, and how the hero Artagirl Ben Sulaiman managed to confront them and their dangers to defend Islam at the time.

And we will know with you the dangers of the city of Baghdad by the Mongols and Tartars who tried to destroy them, Lula Artagarl Shah, who saved them from her hands and picked them up again.

The series in his new dress tells how the Abbasid state suffered from severe weakness due to many reasons, including taxation of people, which led to the increase in poverty and weakness of equipment and equipment, leading to the complete collapse of the Abbasic state. .

We mention that the main characteristic of the series is also the basis of the series that came to us at a time when many try to distort the image of the Islamic religion, not only in the West but also in the East, the series tries to broadcast the virtuous Islamic concepts and the definition of true Islam, To give the hearts of Muslims the strength and determination to defend religion at any time and anywhere, the series has presented a large number of victories by the hero Artgrel to the religion to defend.

We are about to broadcast episode 127 of the fifth part of the series Artegrel Resurrection, a few hours and start broadcasting via the Turkish channel TRT, and we will provide a complete overview of the episode right after the presentation at the space stations and we wish you a pleasant picture of the most important and best Historical events that have gone through the Ottoman era to learn all about battles and events.

Heroes of the Artgrel series:

And plays a leading role in the series Arteğrl hero, the Turkish hero Engin Alten, in all previous episodes of the series can prove the hero as a hero, he has a great talent and excellent performance, who have promoted the success of the series , Success serial core.

Since the first launch of the series during the last year of 2014, the series was able to all heroes, not only the hero to achieve a brilliant success in the Arab world and all countries of the world, and this has the series also led to search in search engines of all kinds since it was introduced at the first moments.

We have seen the previous penalty of great glimpses of the life of the hero Artagarl, where the author mentioned the most important points and important to the viewer, and gave him an important profile of the life of the hero, how he lived? What is his historical career? And how it was the conquests or battles of war? All these questions have many answers through the previous four parts.

Serial part IV
Serial part IV

This section will also show us a new champion of the series that will officially establish the Ottoman state, the son of Artegrel Osman I, who will inherit the banner of the jihad from the death of the leader Artgrel in the events of the series, and we will see together the frank that will happen to get the right of Antakya, We will also see many exciting events during the episodes of the fifth and final part of the series.

We will see conquests of Sultan Osman I, besides the spread of Islam in a large number of Bekaa, who had not entered before, besides the elimination of a large number of enemies of religion in a large number of conquests by Osman I after the death of his father, and other important The historical events were filmed perfectly and accurately.

Resurrection of Osman

Mohammad Bouzdag, the author of the Artgrel series, announced that in his youth the actor Bourak will play the role of Osman Ibn Artagarl in the sixth season. Artgrel himself will be in the sixth part with his son, and the name of the sixth part of the Ortagaral resurrection will be the resurrection of Osman.

The last announcement of the series of the Argerel resurrection season

This is the second promotion of the new season and the date of broadcast on channel TRT1 tonight at 21:00 Turkish time and Saudi Arabia and 20:00 in Cairo.

The second announcement translated to Arabic

Summary of the events in the Artegril Resurrection series and the official presentation date

The first episode of the new season on 7 November, the date of the first episode of the fifth season (7 November) by the trt channel and an Arabic translator at the scene of the light after the presentation three hours ..

It is worth noting that during the filming of the episode the producer has tried hard to prevent photography in the space devoted to the series, in order not to discover the masses of new fashion in the series.

The live broadcast link for episode 127 is available next Wednesday. Follow us or save the article link in your browser to send it back.

Countdown to the date of the series of the resurrection of Argerel began in the fifth part

The third announcement of the episode 127 of the series Artgrel Part V

A pleasant surprise for the followers of the series of Artegrel resurrections by the Turkish writer Mohammed Bouzdag, where the latter published this photo on the Alaststqram today, says the third declaration of the episode 127 Artegral resurrection season 5 at 8 pm and 9 pm KSA- time and 8 pm Turkish time

Follow us today for the third episode of delivery 127.

Artegral always protects the oppressed

The announcement of the 127th episode of Artigaral resurrection

The official page of the series Artegral Resurrection published the announcement of the new episode of the series, the 127th episode of the fifth movement, which has been expected from all viewers in many countries of the world for months, and after the end of episode 127 the announcement of episode 127 was quickly omitted.

The episode contains important events and a comma: there are some plans placed in a box by Sultan Alaeddin and we will see if the Artgrel or the Mongols who have reached the palace before Artagarl arrives, will reach? Then we will see how Artgrel survived the plot that Dargus almost drew.

Today is our time to watch episode 127 of the Artgerel Resurrection at 20:00 in Turkey on Turkish TRT, and we will bring you the link and summary of the episode right after it has ended.

The 127th episode of the resurrection of Artgrel

We came to you today with the announcement of the official page of the series Artegral Resurrection Part V via the social network site Facebook.

127 Part

Link to the site of the light to view the episode 127 of the series Artgrel, which RTT broadcast a while ago, and translated via the site of light and now uploaded to the site of Anwar and we link the link to the episode translated in Arabic.

127 The light of light

Episode 125 For those who have missed

The Artegirl Episode 125 series fully translated to the Arabic high quality Share with your friends and do not forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube to encourage us YouTube YouTube YouTube 👈 9ZAKNb2DLaUXa2w

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The 125th episode of Artegrel's resurrection reached 15.71, the highest viewing speed since the start of the fifth season.

In the final episode of Artagarl episode 125 there is clear evidence that Gunduz son of Artagarl of the Kaiy clan was the one who killed the leader of the Aumur clan, a mysterious end of episode 125.

Episode 126 is not missed

The series Artegirl Episode 126 fully translated to the Arabic high quality Share with your friends and do not forget to comment and comment and do not forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube and share the link channel link channel https: // www. to continue with you, prepared by God

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The fifth season

The first announcement of the series Resurrection Artegral Episode 127 of part V

Announcement of the delivery

TRT 1 live broadcast link

Episode 127 is not translated into English so we are not forbidden

Gepostet von Diriliş Osman Resurrection Osman am Mittwoch, 12. Deember 2018

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Announcement of the delivery

The series of Artegirl resurrection episode 128 translated into Arabic

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The 127 series of the resurrection of Artagarl Part V.

The series of Resurrection Artegral episode 127 Translated to Arabic Section I

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The series of Artegirl Resurrection Episode 127 translated into the Arabic Section II

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Series Altrgrl episode 127 fully translated from high quality Arabic
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