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The frequency of cnn on Nilesat, and there is a channel in Arabic
Cnn channel

Today we offer you the cnn frequency on Nilesat, the first news channel in Nilesat, the channel offers a wonderful follow-up of all the world news, this channel is one of the first news channels in the world, started in 1980 and then spread in various languages, Dan cnn Arab site, which is aimed at Arab viewers in the Arab world, and is looking daily for the frequency channel and millions around the world, so today we offer you all the details about the frequency of this beautiful channel and reveal the reality of the Arabic version of CNN, Our mail received many messages asking for hesitation CNN Arabic on Nilesat.

Cnn channel frequency on nilesat
We received many reports about the frequency of the Arab channel and Nilesat. Because of the large number of questions in Egyptian stars, we were looking for the frequency of this channel and we discovered that there is no Arabic channel belonging to the CNN channel. Is the site of the Arab channel cnn, is an Arab site that comes from the UAE, and continues to manage the channel cnn and speaks in Arabic, but cnn is only available on Nilesat and Arabsat in English.

Channel name: cnn Nilesat Arab Sat
frequency 12226 11785
polarization h v
Coding 27500 27500
technical sd sd
correction 3/4 3/4

Information about cnn channel
CNN offers an integrated follow-up of all the news about the American scene. Besides offering a large number of fantastic documentaries, the channel offers a wide range of languages ​​in various languages, including Hindi, European and Mexican, to provide the best service. to offer. Possibly, but those who want to follow the news in Arabic should visit the site of Arabian cnn, because there is no channel in Arabic, and therefore there is no frequency channel and Arabia on Nilesat or Arabsat.

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