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Hogan wedding scene "Lotfi burning" evokes controversy

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With the details of the news: Women & # 39; s News: Hogan wedding scene "Lotfi al-Harraq" provokes controversy

Eve: a major change witnessed by the character of Mohammed Imam in the "Hogan" series in the events of the eleventh.

The episode starts with the change that took place in "Hogan" after his work with Kamal Bey – Riyad Al-Khuli – in his personal guard team.

Mohamed Imam reveals the identity of the Lebanese star, who is taking part in the "Hogan" championship in Ramadan 2019

Kamal Bih provides Hogan with all the necessities for a new life, such as a personal identity card, passport, clothing that matches his new job, together with a personal weapon.

Hogan was able to get his new life from Kemal Bey

Hogan returns to Horus & Us Us & # 39; money he received from him. Hogan accidentally discovers that Lotfi al-Haraq – Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz is celebrating his marriage to Noga – Asma Abu al-Yazid, shortly after its separation from Hogan.

The guests try to calm and calm Hogan, and try to hide his face because of his embarrassment of the situation, while Noga starts talking, emphasizes that it is a laboratory need that is wrong, and that it was the year of God and his messenger .

Insults for the bride

In the scene, Mohammed Imam is furious and the bride begins to insult and claims: "What is only collected is what is, and they are certain of some in the scaffold." Noga then tries to persuade her husband, Lotfi, to give her money, to raise the standard of living in every possible way, and they agree that Lotfi will continue to work with Hogan after the change in an attempt to make it financially take advantage of it.

Hogan angered Lotfi and accused him of betrayal

The episode ends with a phone call from Loti from Salah asking him to meet him in an abandoned house. Lotfi surprises a group of people who attack and beat him with orders from Bahloul.

Lotfy & # 39; s wedding scene has been very popular on social networking sites and has become the top of the trend on YouTube once the episode ends and is also on Twitter's most popular list.

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