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Integrated plan for the Sharjah municipality to deal with rainwater extraction – LAS Dubai

Sharjah Municipality has since made great efforts
First dawn hour to go with the puddles of water under good rain that
And the follow-up of all emergencies where the municipality has obtained a diploma
Prepare for all comments and reports via Hotline
The number / 993 / and all municipal teams in cooperation with the General Command of the police
Sharjah is fast with collecting water in the streets, squares and all areas
The other to ensure the safety of the members of society and to maintain the aesthetic appearance
From the emirate.

HE Thabit Salem Al Tarifi, director general of the Sharjah municipality, chairman of the committee
Emergency rains that the municipality has developed an integral plan to deal with water basins
Heavy rain continued as all teams spread in the streets and on the squares
Large residential areas have started since the beginning of precipitation in direct
His work and deliver it with more than 200 automatic and ready-made dam pumps
The large and high capacity to handle the largest pool of water is also provided
All the outside personnel in the necessary clothing and safety and safety equipment
Their work is effortless and efficient in all areas and around the clock to maintain
Safety of road users and to prevent damage that may result from swimming pools

Tarifi pointed out that the municipality has formed three committees to follow through all matters
Teams and qualified executives and fleet of modern mechanisms of high quality and efficiency have contributed
All in the water and help the members of the public to pull their vehicles inactive
On roads, especially school buses and traffic, with some roads closed
Leads to large puddles of water until they are all withdrawn.

For his part, HE Eng Hassan Al-Tafaq, Assistant General Manager of Sector
Agriculture and Environment The work teams have worked very hard under the supervision of some managers
Departments and department heads who are present in the field to follow up everything related to this
The safety of members of the community against the withdrawal of rainwater and the removal of obstacles
That the work teams spread according to the rules in the streets and main squares of the city
Plan and based on meteorological predictions of rainfall and wind
Accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms in the area and equipped with the necessary equipment
The streets, lowlands and some sites have been opened since dawn
They do not have water drainage networks and take care of all font communication
Hot and sewer management and receive reports from the operating room
General direction of the Sharjah police.

And Ali Obaid Al-Hammoudi, director of the Institutional Interaction department in the Madinat municipality
Sharjah Hotline is ready to receive all communication 24 hours a day
The number / 993 / and dealing with everything that is quickly communicated via communication
With the municipal teams in the field.

The city of Sharjah City called on all members of society to keep the resources
Safety and prevention, away from water swimming pools and enjoying the atmosphere
Beautiful winter with care and attention and leadership with caution and not to worry about the road.

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