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Millions look at "the gigantic bloody wolf-moon"

The world looks at the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse, which is called the "gigantic bloody wolf moon", where the moon is very red when seen from the earth when it appears in the sky during the eclipse of the sun.

From Los Angeles to New York, astronauts and their faces will watch the sky in anticipation of the eclipse known as the giant wolf-moon that is expected to appear at 11:41 EDT (0441 GMT).

Although it is a total solar eclipse, the moon does not become completely dark but it glows with a copper color that gave it the name of the bloody moon. It is called a giant moon because it is a full moon and very close to the earth.

Since it appeared in January, when wolves hungered outside the villages, the description of the moon was obtained by the wolf according to the Fermers-Almannak patrol.

But no matter how perfect the stars are to show this dazzling event, the pure joy or frustration of the evening will in fact depend on one thing: the weather.

The total solar eclipse of the moon can be seen in the skies of America and parts of Western Europe, including Great Britain and North Africa, according to American media.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon, the sun disappears behind our planet and the moon moves in the earth reflected by the sun.

The total solar eclipse lasts about an hour and will be best seen in North and South America.


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