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The October war, the moment the Arabs were born again, like the mythical phoenix, saved the burden of refraction and the weight of the defeat of 67. Now, after about five decades of transit, what remains for us from it moment of victory? Since Egypt signed the Camp David Agreement in 1978, the Arabs have given the dream of Arab nationalism and the common destiny. Egypt has also evoked its position as the leader of the Arab world. We have embarked on the path of aversion, the the first is a long and unresolved war between Iraq and Iran from 1980 to 1988. The Gulf has a "Saddam," and after it ended, they were stunned by a poisoned sting when Saddam cleared up the holiness of Kuwait and occupied her territory in 1990. The Gulf woke up with a shocking reality: no brother's security, no substitute for American protection. The war to liberate Kuwait in 1991 was attended by Arab armies, led by the Egyptian and Syrian armies, along with American troops, but the Gulf remained America's debtors. While George W. Bush stopped as he freed Kuwait, he completed his important son and invaded Iraq in 2003 with fabricated arguments. The Arab gap grew, and we could not identify the friend's enemy and upset the balance in the region. (2) Bush not only dropped Saddam's regime, but overthrew the national state of Iraq when it lifted its national army and tampered with its institutions, turning it into a battlefield for sectarian militias and terrorist groups. Iran took the opportunity to expand its influence to the west. The invasion of Iraq was the beginning of the chaos that we now live. The Arabs did not think of a uniform strategy to cope with the rapid changes in the Arab and regional arena, but the gap widened. From this gap, Iran and Turkey have been infiltrated as effective non-Arab regional powers in the Middle East, as is Israel, which is no longer deterred by it. (3) The Arab regimes did not assimilate the Arab Spring revolutions in 2011, and the conflicting views of the Arab countries against them, followed by civil struggle and social polarization, gave Iran and Turkey the opportunity to consolidate their position in these countries and defend one of the parties to the conflict against the other. What was done by the Arab states was supposed to be a fair rule between the conflicting parties, because they were all compatriots but chose to be parties to the conflict. Iran and Turkey gained influence at the expense of the Arabs and at the negotiating table about the fate of Syria were Russia, Iran and Turkey and missed the representative of the Arab countries !! (4) How often have we made the mistake and chose the worst alternatives? Now we have a new test, the drums of war are beating for the third time in the Gulf, the hawks of the White House and the Zionist lobby and the problems of the American interior that press on Trump, and push him to a to launch a military attack against Iran that might hit other Arab countries. King Salman calls for an Arab summit in Mecca. Iran has abused the Arab vacuum to expand its influence and intrigue the Gulf, but the option of war will not only harm Iran, the ability to discourage and wave is very important, activating the Sharm el-Sheikh top resolution 2015 and forming a joint Arab military power would be a difference. There is an Arabic saying: what rubs your skin like your fingernails and protects the Arab countries only their children, not America, Russia or Israel. (5) Arab countries must reconcile with the past and start a new page, in which leaders accept the inevitability of change in the concepts of governance and power transfer, their duty to achieve the ambitions of their legitimate people in a free and dignified and safe life . Europe is rearranging its situation in light of the challenges of its major competitors: China, Russia and the United States, yesterday's ally can become the most attacking and competitive. The Arab countries must also rearrange their positions with the different regional and global powers, based on common goals and interests, while maximizing their military, economic, knowledge and scientific power to have their own decision and destination. Can Arabs? Yes, but it lacks will and determination. ektebly@hotmail.com

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