The football association reveals the reasons for the cancellation of the friendly UAE and defends the presentation

The Egyptian Football Federation (FFA) announced in a statement Tuesday night the reasons for the cancellation of the friendly match between Egypt and the UAE, which was scheduled for November 20, four days after seeing Tunisia in the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifying matches .

The Egyptian football federation, led by engineer Hani Abu Reda, reiterated that the reasons for postponing the friendly match are purely technical and not for other purposes. He pointed out that the team faces four technical obstacles, which are linked to a large number of professionals to return to their clubs before 21. Their participation in the meeting, scheduled for him on the 20th of this month, is not mentioned.

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The statement pointed out that one of the reasons for the postponement of the meeting are the injuries suffered by the club Al Ahli, which is linked to a crucial meeting against Al Wasl UAE on the 22nd in the Zayed Cup for the Arab Champions "Arab Championship "and those among these injuries are players of the strength of the current team.

The statement added: "As the basis of the choices of the team of other players at the moment with a prior link to the Egyptian Olympic team to meet his Algerian counterpart on the 19th."

The statement repeated the sharpness of the new technical staff of the national team led by the Mexican Javier Agiri, to try to consolidate the position of the technical team and not to take risks in the games is not complete figures.

In a different direction, the Egyptian Football Federation (EFA) emphasized the deep respect and appreciation it has for the UAE football federation, which was impressed by the Egyptian national teams.

The declaration also pointed out that the national football team of the UAE has a large place among all Egyptians in terms of the distinctive relations between the peoples of the two countries and lays down solid rules for the leaders of the two fraternal countries, and follows the football federation in both countries. The first to be elected in both countries without the Egyptian team being fully loaded and full stars in recognition of the masses of football in the UAE, which was asked by the technical staff to postpone the game and the Egyptian Federation to respond to his request, is confident that the UAE will appreciate all these circumstances As we have always been used to. "

The UAE federation issued an official statement this morning in which officials expressed dissatisfaction about how the deal was handled with the cancellation of the game.

The UAE officials voiced their dissatisfaction with the statements of Egyptian officials circulated in the media, and stressed that the cancellation of the game was not entirely professional, by statements in the media and not by official correspondence.

In an angry statement, officials of the UAE Football Federation confirmed the suspension of dealing with Presence Sport, the official sponsor of the Egyptian Football Association for non-professional treatment, according to the statement, especially after the parties had agreed on all the details of the contest and its inclusion in the international agenda. Another to face him and put the game on the international agenda.

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Prezision, for its part, issued a statement to respond to the cancellation of the game earlier in the declaration of the football association today, denied the refusal of the game for reasons of marketing or problems with commercial rights.

The sponsoring company confirmed that the football federation and the technical apparatus are the owner of the decision to postpone the meeting, emphasizing that this is stated in the official statement of the Gabaliyya, who spoke about the absence of professionals and the association of Al Ahly player with Al Wasl who meets the UAE, and their appreciation for the UAE requires that they participate with all professional players and stars team.

The company statement indicated that the signing contract with the trade union contains a text of approval from the technical authority prior to any action or agreement on the team's affairs, and it complied with the decision to postpone the meeting for a later date.

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