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The general imprisonment of a man who butchered his neighbor's tongue was her harbinger

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a 25-year-old African-American cleaner to a one-year prison sentence, followed by a deterioration of his tongue to a part of his body that caused permanent disability. Reconnected to corruption at Rashid Hospital.

The victim of the same nationality reported to the Public Prosecution Service that she was in the washroom of the house where she was staying, there was no one in the meantime, the accused attended her and asked her cell phone to use the searchlight to put his shoes in his shoes. room search. I didn't mind and gave him the phone. When he returned late, I went to him and slept on his bed. I asked him, but he answered with some indifference, indicating that he did not take the phone from her.

The victim said: “She searched under the pillow, which put his head on her and found her phone. During his capture, the defendant was surprised by the strong swarms and hugs of her. She tried to resist him, but he acted. violent and suffocated with his fist. He kept pressing until she paralyzed her movement. She could not defend herself. And then let her fall to the floor and sat indifferently on his bed as he did.

A witness of the same nationality who lives in Manaz himself heard a loud shout, rushed to his source to make the victim bleed profusely from her mouth and took her with a colleague to Rashid hospital and told them how the defendant was bit her tongue.

At the hospital, after the medical examination, the doctor told that the victim had lost part of her tongue. He called the suspect by telephone and asked him about the amputated part. He denied his possession, forced the witness to go to the house and accused to confront again. The last known to the amputated piece buried under a tree outside the house, Took her and went straight to the hospital to be sewn, but the doctor told him he cannot do this for corruption.


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