Two Emirati women win two Tesla cars from Emirates Islamic – the economist – the financial markets

Emirates Islamic Bank announced the names of the lucky winners of the “Kunooz” savings account in the October 2020 drawing. UAE’s Amal Al Ahdal and Hoor Noor Al Sini won two all-new Tesla cars.

While Gulzar Begum and Muhammad Yakhoub from India won; Muhammad Sribani from Iran. Ahmed Omar Magoum and Shaima Mohammed Abdullah from the Emirates, with a cash prize of 50 thousand dirhams. This was done as part of the promotional campaign, which will run from October to December 2020, offering customers the opportunity to win six Tesla cars.

“We are delighted to contribute to the dreams of seven lucky winners this month,” said Farid Al Mulla, Vice President of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates Islamic. On behalf of Emirates Islamic, I take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt congratulations and blessings to all winners and encourage our customers to keep saving for the chance to buy one of the 4 Tesla cars until December 2020 in addition to the opportunity to win weekly cash prizes of 50 thousand dirhams and a quarterly prize. A big million dirhams.

The “Kunooz” savings account, which won the prestigious “Best Banking Product” award from “Global Banking and Finance Review” magazine in 2018, is considered one of the most prominent banking products offered by Emirates Islamic, and represents current and new dealers have the chance to win many rewarding prizes, including the million dirham top prize every three months or a Tesla car every month when they keep an average balance of 5,000 dirhams in their account. Dealers have the chance to win cash prizes of 50,000 dirhams per week when they hold an average daily balance of one thousand dirhams in their accounts.


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